Hard Money Loan in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hard Money Loan in Colorado Springs, Colorado on a Fix and Flip

TNS Loans has successfully funded a Fix and Flip in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Purchased for $132,000.00, TNS Loans was able to lend $132,000.00 to secure the purchase of this home. The borrower will be funding the $46,000.00 renovation. Renovations will be done to the main residence along with renovations to the rental unit. The main house (1,034 sqft) will be completely renovated to include drywall, paint and flooring throughout. All of the existing interior and exterior doors will be replaced, along with all the windows in the home. A new water heater will be installed, along with fixtures throughout the home. Kitchen will be completely remodeled along with the bathroom. Rental unit renovations will include installation of a new water heater, and flooring throughout the unit. Bathroom will be updated and the roof will be replaced. Exterior landscaping will be completed, along with the installation of a new fence.


Property Description

Main Residence: 1,034 sqft   Bedrooms: 2    Bathrooms: 1

Rental Unit: 449 sqft   Bedrooms: 1   Bathrooms: 1



TNS Loans and Hard Money Mike were able to fund the purchase of this house within a few days. We specialize in these types of Fix and Flip loans as well Hard Money Fix & Flip, Bridge and Construction loans. We do not lend on owner-occupied but can refer you to someone who can. TNS is an equity-based lender located in Littleton, CO. Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help you! 303-539-3000


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