The suggestions below are ideas to consider to help make the underwriting of your loan go as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Again, no two loans are ever alike. Every loan origination is unique. Unlike a traditional banking institution, we do have the ability to consider several avenues for each loan, the suggestions below are considered helpful in the funding process so that we can make sure each loan is right for both of us.

  1. Have documents ready when needed. On the Process page we detailed what is asked for first and foremost. The quicker we receive any needed or asked for documentation the quicker we can close.
  1. Be straight forward with the information that you have provided. This helps insure no setbacks in the process and limits any additional documents or information needed.
  1. Have a practical and reasonable exit strategy. Knowing how your loan will be paid back at the end of your term is critical. This helps to minimize the risk of any given loan.
  1. Have a plan “B”. Much like life, repairs and construction don’t always go as planned. Setbacks can occur, so have an idea or backup plan in place so that you can handle adversity should it arise.
  1. Educate yourself on market values, local outlook, equipment and hard material costs, labor, etc. Know what you need to do to be successful.
  1. Ask Us Questions! We are here to help you be prosperous. We have many years helping out real estate investors. Whether you need help finding a reputable tile layer to a handy landscaper we can help guide you in the right direction. We have to have each other’s back to be outstanding!


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